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SEO Audit

Your website is your #1 asset when it comes down to search engine optimisation. It is becoming harder and harder to get a poorly constructed and under optimised website to rank highly in the search engine rankings making it the number one reason why here at Loud SEO we don't even look at advanced topics such as link building without first paying close attention to what your website is and isn't doing for both your customers and the search engines.

What's the problem...

Most modern websites look fantastic. They have been designed by a graphic / web designer and implemented by a repetuable web design company & what is delivered often leaves the client very happy. The problem is most web design companies are just that, design companies who are experts at bringing your brand identity to life on a web page but rarely have much consideration for how search enginges interact with them, leaving you with a brand new website that cannot be found.

What's the solution...

The good news is you dont need to trade in your great design for great search engine rankings, our website optimisation procedure follows a list of over 80 actions to make sure that the search engines are reading the correct information from your website pages and understanding that it is a resource worth taking notice of.

The comprehensive SEO Audit will look at the following areas:

  • Technical Issues & Implications

Any technical issues with the website will be listed with a full explanation as to what the problem is along with a step by step solution. These changes will likely need to be done by a web developer
  • Content

Issues with content will be highlighted along with proposed solutions & suggestions. In some cases new pages will need to be created. Keyword research will be undertaken at this stage and we will target each key web page with for a selection of keywords.
  • Website Usability & Conversions
Suggestions will be made on how best to convert a visitor into a customer.