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What to do when starting a new website

Posted on December 11th, 2010

Many new and existing businesses throughout Ireland look to the web for a source of sales revenue or customer interaction. These websites are often well thought out and planned and when they do eventually hit the World Wide Web they look great and offer a fantastic experience for the user. However it is only at this point that most start to think about how they are going to get people to the website by using an seo company. At this point the business is already on the "back foot" regarding its online profile as precious time has already been wasted.

When to put the wheels in motion

The second a firm idea for a website has been discussed and agreed upon, this is the time when the planning stages for search engine optimisation and other forms of online advertising should start taking place.

Most website administrators think registering the domain name is enough while the planning and designing stages are taking place, with some bothering to put up a blank holding page telling any users who do stumble across the website that it is under construction and seldom little else.

From anyone interested in SEO this should be obvious that this is not a good idea. Lets have a look at 2 bad examples...

Here the domain has simply been added to hosting server and left with the default index page showing.

Here a lazy web admin has simply replaced the default server index page with a bland "under construction" message.

Neither of these is going to do anything for users or search engines.

What should a holding page have?

  • Contact details -the page needs to be clear and concise as to what the business is and where it is located. This includes full business name, address, phone/fax and email addresses.
  • Services - the page needs to educate the user what the company offers in the way of services. Ideally each service needs to have its own sub title with a description as to what the service entails.
  • Key SEO components - Make sure you have filled in the web pages meta details as well as including any links to social media applications you have setup e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.
How to get the holding page noticed

Just by following the steps above will not get Google or the other main search engines to know your new website exists. Be sure to register the site with Google Webmaster Tools as well as introducing links with local business & directories (of relevance).

By following these simple steps your website should be at least on Google's radar and it will have a fair idea of what your website is about by the time your fully designed website is ready to go live.