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Local SEO

Posted on November 2nd, 2010

When a business gets to the stage where they are looking to involve themselves in SEO services, whether it be search engine optimisation of the website itself or other online marketing activities their main goal is to increase traffic to their website. But where do people look for this traffic? In my experience peeople are far too quick to "conquer the world" by looking to international markets for this new source of traffic and hopefully business.

Looking far away for new traffic opportunities can indeed be sucessful but I think the cons are far too easily overlooked during the intial honeymoon period of "expanding the empire". For example is your service or product exportable?, cost effective for you or the consumer in foreign markets?, is the terminology different in foreign countries?

As you can see there are plenty of questions that need to be asked and answered before spending a large percentage of your online marketing budget. My first question is "What about local search traffic?".

Local searches can add alot of value to any business. The traffic it generates might not necessarily be large but the quality is likely to be very high.

Here at LoudSEO we receive very high quality traffic from our local search results for keywords such as "seo company" and "seo services" by being placed highly on the Google Map Listing in the search results.

If you haven't yet got your website on the Google Map listing when performing a local search you need to look a little closer to home for SEO improvements before looking abroad.