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Google + Project

Posted on June 30th, 2011

google plus

Google have at last released details on their new Google + project which aims to make Google more social and it appears trying taking on Facebook at its own game.

There are multiple parts to the new plus project, dealing with every element of our "social" daily lives, below is a breakdown of what to expect.

Google Circles

The first part of the project is called Google Circles, which is aimed at creating different social circles from your Google contacts. The idea behind this is that we interact differently with people depending on the type of relationship we have with them, for example you would talk and interact with your boss differently to the way you would with your friends down the pub.

By creating different "circles" you can then interact with these circles separately, sharing photos from your night out drinking with just your friends and not your boss or in-laws! Although this is not any different to Facebook's groups it looks like a more interactive method than the Facebook way.

Google Sparks

Google Sparks looks to provide the user specialised news & content feeds based on your interests. You simply search for something that "sparks" your desires & interests and you are provided with a list of traditional & media results. You will also be able to see what is "sparking" other people's interests around the world (possibly via your circles also?) within a featured interests area.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is Google's attempt to implement an online video version of hanging out down the shops or at the park with your mates. Hangouts lets you inform people in your circles that you are "hanging out" and therefore are available to chat, the idea being that your friends will virtually drop in for a chat. The system will support multi person video which means a whole group of friends can potentially catch up face to face from the comfort of their own home.

Google Mobile

Google Mobile is starting off with a small collection of cool mobile phone functions.

The first one called Google Location will allow you as a user to add your location to every post you make (exactly like Facebook's places). This will be an opt in or out feature meaning those who are concerned about privacy need not worry.

The second function which is again opt in or out is called Google Instant Upload. Instant Upload is aimed at making sure all of your mobile phone photos are backed up online and are available to share at anytime. When taking a photo on your phone the picture will be automatically uploaded to a private album on Google's cloud server ready to be shared with your friends.

It is not clear yet whether this will also be the case for mobile video clips but this is one part of Google+ I can see being a huge success.

Google Huddle

Finally Google Huddle is a group messaging service allowing you to co-ordinate with a circle of friends making sure everyone is in the loop.

Google+ is currently available on the Adroid Market and mobile web with it coming to the App Store soon.